Silken Sheets


looking across the floor   

drifting, shifting in the disco fog   

and dim light  eyes that speak desire,   

mouths that mouth, “…on fire!”   

hands and lips, that tease, please,   


(like ice on nipples bare)


talking, touching under the   

table, legs gliding, sliding like   

quicksilver on sand  

a dark hallway, a stairwell,   

a cedar door by moonlight   

wafting incense, intense…

(magnolia blooms devour the night)  

waves on waves    

on a waveless waterbed   

crash in tortured thrusts   

over soft, silken sheets  

lips on lips   

arms entwine   

legs link, bodies flex    

in spasms of passion…

the sun   
parting clouds, pressing   

forward… fondles folds   

of curtained lace moving  

in a gentle breeze

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