(1989. Working with Irish Triads of a similar name, to explore techniques.)

Three excellent qualities in naration:

a good flow,

depth of thought,


Three dislikable qualities in the same:



bad delivery.

Three things that are always ready in a decent man’s house:


a shower,

a good TV.


Three accomplishments well regarded in Australia:

an orginal joke,

performance on the sporting field,

conviction in hard times.

Three smiles worse than griefs:

the smile of a dingo snacking,

the smile of your lover when another man has been with her,

the smile of an Aids carrier offering you a syringe.


Three things with the lightest hearts:

a student after gettin an “A”,

a young woman embarking on a pleasent journey,

a boy in the arms of his first lover.

The three doors by which deceit enters:

anger in retaliatory defence,

dodgy information,

evidence from a bad memory.

Three times when speech is better than silence:

when urging against violence in action,

when quoting a well turned line of poetry,

when giving due praise.

Three scarcities that are better than abundance:

scarcity of fance talk,

a scarcity of grazing stock in a small paddock,

a scarcity of glasses around a jug of beer. 

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