Pre-millennium Solstice

(28 September 1999. This came out of my own internal war between the New Age and the Corporate community. My cynicism often left me stranded in the no mans land in between these two sides, taking flak from both.)

The winds blow cold tonight, this night, solstice

eve, and my heart beats heavy and loud for

there is rebirth in the scent of the air.

I, a child of flower power birth. I,

a todler that celebrated life in

the Age of Aquarius. I, a youth-

ful discoverer of chanting new age

phrases. I, in full manhood, after search-

ing my soul and tearing from it heart felt

primal screams, am on the cusp of being

born again ––– born into a new inhe-

ritance, born into a future of my own

making… and I am afraid, so darkly fearful and frightened of this pregnant mo-

ment, scared that all I’ve ever been is, some

“Conservative, Understated, Nineties,

Type…” how the winds blow cold this night of nights, this

solstice night where all that is before is far

less than all that is to come, and the

moment waits… for me… for me to be… for

me to become… for a song to Ring Out 

and herald the coming of My, New, Age. 

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