Kubla Khan: a fragment of a fragment

(1987. Because prior to this I didn’t like the original, so I thought to parody it. With apologies to S.T. Colleridge

In Reservoir did Kubla Khan

A stately pleasure dome deliver

Where Darabin, the muddy creak ran

By tunnels made by man

     down to the Yarra River.

So twice five ‘yards* of fractured ground

With sheds and fences somewhere around:

And there were gardens limp and rum,

Where blossomed a few deciduous trees;

And there were weeds and a baby plum,

Shading plots of beans and peas.

But oh! that shallow romancesless gully which slanted

Down the scrochéd hill across a blackened cover!

A savage place! as unholy and bewitched

As e’er beneath a waxing moon was haunted

By a girl whispering for her truent-lover!

* ‘yards = backyards, land behind a house encircled by a fence indicating it belongs to the house. 

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